LFS Operating System (Linux)

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Linux From Scratch

The Linux From Scratch project was founded by Gerard Beekmans to develop an instruction guide for the installation of a Linux installation from scratch with GNU/Linux and additional software in 1998. This is very usefull if existing Linux distributions do not meet the requirements for the planned field of application. You can imagine it like a public development process of a distribution at which one takes part himself. With this project there is the possibility for the experienced user to build a own user defined Linux distribution and to gain more knowledge in this operating system. On the project website you get informed about the current development state and help over the mailing list and newsgroup.

LFS provides the detailed installation instruction with the download addresses for the necessary software packages as well as some scripts and important patches for the installation. The software packages are in source code and must be compiled first. An existing development environment is needed for this, also a already running Linux system with all necessary development applications. The Debian GNU/Linux in version 3.0 r0 (Woody) distribution of 2002/20/07 has to be a particularly suitable development environment proved after several tests and many LFS installation starts for LFS 4.1. After the update of few programs to the needed versions the installation proceeded without errors. Since December 2005 a LiveCD also has released where you can install LFS on the PC without a preinstalled LFS development environment. With the ALFS (Automated Linux From Scratch) Projekt many of the installation steps can be automated and simplified.

If the LFS installation was completed, you can make further customizations and installation of a graphical surface on this base. BLFS (Beyond Linux From Scratch) exactly starts there and leads in an instruction guide through the further installation process for the use of LFS as a desktop, server or office system.



Date - Version
1999 - LFS 1.0
2000 - LFS 2.2
2000 - LFS 2.4
2001 - LFS 3.0
2002 - LFS 3.2
2002 Oct. - LFS 4.0
2003 April - LFS 4.1
2003 Nov. - LFS 5.0, Kernel 2.4.22, glibc 2.3.2, gcc 3.3.1, used boot loader is now GRUB, exclusively source code of distribution packages
2004 May - LFS 5.1
2004 Dec. - LFS 6.0, Kernel, gcc 3.4
2005 July - LFS 6.1
2005 Nov. - LFS 6.1.1


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